HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Selecting a type or size

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Selecting a type or size

You can print by source (tray) or by type or size. If you are printing on special print media, such as
heavy paper, it is important to print by type to achieve good results. To print by type or size, follow
these steps. For Macintosh operating systems, types and sizes are all grouped together under the
Paper Source pop-up menu.

Windows: In the printer driver, select a type in the Type is field of the Paper tab. Or, select a
size from the Size is field. For some paper, such as letterhead, you select both a type and size.

Mac OS X V10.3 and Mac OS X V10.4: In the Print dialog box, select the tray or type of media
on the Paper Feed pop-up menu.


Chapter 4 Using the all-in-one