HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Performance problems

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Performance problems




Faxes are transmitting or being
received very slowly.

The fax might be very complex, such
as one with many graphics.

Complex faxes take longer to be sent
or received. Breaking longer faxes into
multiple jobs and decreasing the
resolution can increase the
transmission speed.

The receiving fax machine might have
a slow modem speed.

The all-in-one only sends the fax at the
fastest modem speed that the receiving
fax machine can accept.

The resolution at which the fax was
sent or is being received might be very

If you are receiving the fax, call and
ask the sender to lower the resolution
and resend the fax. If you are sending
the fax, lower the resolution and
resend the fax. See


resolution settings

to change the

default setting.

Your telephone line might not be

Hang up and resend the fax. Have the
telephone company check the
telephone line.

You are sending a fax via an
international call.

You must allow more time to transmit
fax jobs internationally.

The fax activity logs or fax call reports
are printing at inappropriate times.

The fax activity log or fax call reports
settings are not correct.

Print a Configuration page and check
when the reports print. For instructions
about setting log or report printing
times, see

Printing the fax activity log


Setting print times for the fax call



The all-in-one sounds are too loud or
too soft.

The volume setting might not be
adjusted correctly.


Using the all-in-one volume controls



Chapter 13 Troubleshooting