HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Installing Macintosh printing system software for direct connections (USB)

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Installing Macintosh printing system software for direct connections (USB)

This section explains how to install the printing system software for Mac OS X V10.3 and
Mac OS X V10.4.

The Apple PostScript driver must be installed in order to use the PPD files. Use the Apple PostScript
driver that came with your Macintosh computer.

To install the printing system software


Connect a USB cable between the USB port on the printer and the USB port on the computer.
Use a standard 2-meter (6.56-foot) USB cable.


Insert the printer CD into the CD-ROM drive and run the installer.


Double-click the CD icon on the desktop


Double-click the Installer icon.


Follow the instructions on the computer screen.


USB queues are created automatically when the printer is attached to the computer. However,
the queue will use a generic PPD if the installer has not been run before the USB cable is
connected. To change the queue PPD, open the Print Center or Printer Setup Utility, select the
correct printer queue, and then click Show Info to open the Printer Info dialog box. In the pop-
up menu, select Printer Model, and then, in the pop-up menu in which Generic is selected,
select the correct PPD for the printer.


Print a test page or a page from any software program to make sure that the all-in-one software
is correctly installed.


Chapter 2 Software


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If installation fails, reinstall the all-in-one software. If this fails, see the installation notes or late-
breaking readme files on the CD or the flyer that came in the box, or go to the appropriate
support Web site for help or more information (see

HP Customer Care