HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Scanning to e-mail

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Scanning to e-mail

Scanning to e-mail is supported by any e-mail program that supports the Messaging Application
Programming Interface (MAPI) protocol. Many versions of popular e-mail programs seem to be MAPI-
compliant. See the support information for your e-mail program to determine whether or not it is


To use this feature in Windows, an e-mail destination must be programmed in the

scan setup before scanning to e-mail.. See

Programming the all-in-one Scan To button

. For

Macintosh operating systems, set up this function from the Monitor Device tab. See the
HP Director online Help.


Load the originals that are to be scanned face-up in the automatic document feeder (ADF) input
tray. Adjust the media guides to hold the originals in place.


Lift the flatbed scanner lid and load the original that is to be scanned face-down on the flatbed
scanner with the upper-left corner of the document at the lower-right corner of the glass. Gently
close the lid.


On the all-in-one control panel, press

Scan To



Use the


or the


button to select an e-mail destination.



Start Scan

or to attach the scanned item to a new e-mail message.


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