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HP LaserJet printing supplies

It's easy to retrun and recycle your empty HP LaserJet print cartridges—free of charge—with HP
Planet Partners. HP is committed to providing inventive, high-quality products and services that are
environmentally sound, from product design and manufacturing to distribution, operation, and
recycling processes. We ensure your returned HP LaserJet print cartridges are recycled properly,
processing them to recover valuable plastics and metals for new products and diverting millions of
tons of waste from landfills. Since this cartridge is being recycled and used in new materials, it will
not be returned to you. Your empty HP LaserJet print cartridges are recycled responsibly when you
participate in the HP Planet Partners program. Thank you for being environmentally responsible!

In many countries/regions, this product's printing supplies (for example, the print cartridge, drum) can
be returned to HP through the HP Printing Supplies Returns and Recycling Program. An easy-to-use
and free takeback program is available in more than 35 countries/regions. Multi-lingual program
information and instructions are included in every new HP LaserJet print cartridge and supplies

HP Printing Supplies Returns and Recycling Program Information

Since 1992, HP has offered HP LaserJet supplies return and recycling free of charge. In 2004, HP
Planet Partners for LaserJet Supplies was available in 85% of the world market where HP LaserJet
supplies are sold. Postage-paid and pre-addressed labels are included within the instruction guide in
most HP LaserJet print cartridge boxes. Labels and bulk boxes are also available through the


Use the label to return empty, original HP LaserJet print cartridges only. Please do not use this label
for non-HP cartridges, refilled or remanufactured cartridges, or warranty returns. Printing supplies or
other objects inadvertently sent to the HP Planet Partners program cannot be returned.

More than 10 million HP LaserJet print cartridges were recycled globally in 2004 through the HP
Planet Partners supplies recycling program. This record number represents 26 million pounds of print
cartridge materials diverted from landfills. Worldwide, in 2004, HP recycled an average of 59% of the
print cartridge by weight consisting primarily of plastic and metals. Plastics and metals are used to
make new products such as HP products, plastic trays and spools. The remaining materials are
disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

U.S. returns

For a more environmentally responsible return of used cartridges and supplies, HP encourages the
use of bulk returns. Simply bundle two or more cartridges together and use the single, pre-paid, pre-
addressed UPS label that is supplied in the package. For more information in the U.S., call (1) (800)
(340-2445) or visit the HP website at



Non-U.S. returns

Non-U.S. customers should visit the


Web site for further information

regarding availability of the HP Printing Supplies Returns and Recycling Program.


This all-in-one is capable of using recycled papers, when the paper meets the guidelines outlined in
the HP LaserJet Printer Family Print Media Guide, which you can.view on the Web at



. This product is suitable for the use of recycled paper according to


Material restrictions


Appendix D Regulatory information


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This HP product contains mercury in the fluorescent lamp or scanner that may require special
handling at end-of-life.

This HP product contains a battery that might require special handling at end of life.


Lithium Carbon Monofluoride (solid button cell)


approx. 1 gram


on formatter PC board (one battery per product)

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