HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Windows NT 4.0 Server

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Windows NT 4.0 Server

Using DHCP with Windows NT 4.0 Server

To set up a DHCP scope on a Windows NT 4.0 server, perform the following steps:


At the Windows NT server, open the Program Manager window and double-click the Network


Double-click the DHCP Manager icon to open this window.


Select Server and select Server Add.


Type the server IP address, then click OK to return to the DHCP Manager window.


In the list of DHCP servers, click on the server you have just added, then select Scope and
select Create.


Select Set up the IP Address Pool. In the IP Address Pool section, set up the IP address
range by typing the beginning IP address in the Start Address box and the ending IP address in
the End Address box. Also type the subnet mask for the subnet to which the IP address pool
applies. The starting and ending IP addresses define the end points of the address pool
assigned to this scope.


If desired, you can exclude ranges of IP addresses within a scope.


In the Lease Duration section, select Unlimited, then select OK. HP recommends that all all-in-
one devices be assigned infinite leases to avoid problems resulting from IP addresses that
change. Be aware, however, that selecting an unlimited lease duration for the scope causes all
clients in that scope to have infinite leases. If you want clients on your network to have finite
leases, you can set the duration to a finite time, but you should configure all all-in-one devices
as reserved clients for the scope.


Skip this step if you have assigned unlimited leases in the previous step. Otherwise, select
Scope and select Add Reservations to set up your all-in-one devices as reserved clients. For


Chapter 9 Networking


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each all-in-one, perform the following steps in the Add Reserved Clients window to set up a
reservation for that all-in-one:


Type the selected IP address.


Obtain the MAC address or hardware address from the configuration page, and type this
address in the Unique Identifier box.


Type the client name (any name is acceptable).


Select Add to add the reserved client. To delete a reservation, in the DHCP Manager
window, select Scope and select Active Leases. In the Active Leases window, click on the
reservation you want to delete and select Delete.


Select Close to return to the DHCP Manager window.


Skip this step if you are not planning to use WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service).
Otherwise perform the following steps when configuring your DHCP server:


From the DHCP Manager window, select DHCP Options and select one of the following:

Scope—if you want Name Services only for the selected scope.

Global—if you want Name Services for all scopes.


Add the server to the Active Options list. From the DHCP Options window, select WINS/
NBNS Servers (044)
from the Unused Options list. Select Add, then select OK. A warning
may appear requesting that you set the node type. You do this in step 10d.


You must now provide the IP address of the WINS server by doing the following:

Select Value, then Edit Array.

From the IP Address Array Editor, select Remove to delete any undesired addresses
previously set. Then type in the IP address of the WINS server and select Add.

Once the address appears in the list of IP addresses, select OK. This returns you to
the DHCP Options window. If the address you have just added appears in the list of
IP addresses (near the bottom of the window) go to step 10d. Otherwise, repeat step


In the DHCP Options window, select WINS/NBT Node Type (046) from the Unused
list. Select Add to add the node type to the Active Options list. In the Byte box,
type 0x4 to indicate a mixed node, and select OK.


Click Close to exit to Program Manager.


Using DHCP