HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Windows systems

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Windows systems

The all-in-one supports IP configuration from a Windows NT/2000/XP DHCP server. This section
describes how to set up a pool, or “scope,” of IP addresses that the Windows server can assign or
lease to any requester. When configured for BOOTP or DHCP operation and powered on, the all-in-
one automatically sends a BOOTP or DHCP request for its IP configuration. If properly set up, a
Windows DHCP server will respond with the print server’s IP configuration data.


This information is provided as an overview. For specific information or for additional

support, see the information supplied with your DHCP server software.


To avoid problems resulting from IP addresses that change, HP recommends that all

all-in-one devices be assigned IP addresses with infinite leases or reserved IP addresses.