HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Configuring the BOOTP server

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Configuring the BOOTP server

For the all-in-one to obtain its configuration data over the network, the BOOTP server must be set up
with the appropriate configuration files. BOOTP is used by the all-in-one to obtain configuration data
located in the /etc/bootptab file on a BOOTP server. When the all-in-one is powered on, it broadcasts
a BOOTP request that contains its MAC (hardware) address. A BOOTP server daemon searches
the /etc/bootptab file for a matching MAC address, and if successful, sends the corresponding
configuration data to the all-in-one as a BOOTP reply. The configuration data in the /etc/bootptab file
must be properly entered. The BOOTP reply may contain the name of a configuration file containing
optional enhanced configuration parameters. Again, this file will be ignored by the all-in-one.


HP recommends that the BOOTP server be located on the same subnet as the all-in-

one it serves.


BOOTP broadcast packets may not be forwarded by routers unless the routers are

properly configured.