HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Using BOOTP

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BOOTP (Bootstrap Protocol) provides a convenient way to automatically configure the all-in-one for
TCP/IP network operation. When powered on, the all-in-one sends a BOOTP request message onto
the network. A properly configured BOOTP server on the network will respond with a message that
contains basic network configuration data for the all-in-one. The BOOTP server’s response may also
identify a file that contains extended configuration data for the print server. The TFTP protocol (which
is not a supported feature for this all-in-one) is required to download this. Thus, the TFTP
configuration file that may be located on the BOOTP server, or a separate TFTP server will be
ignored. BOOTP servers are typically UNIX or Linux systems. Windows NT/2000/XP and NetWare
servers can respond to BOOTP requests. Windows NT/2000/XP servers are configured through
Microsoft DHCP services. For setup of NetWare BOOTP servers, refer to your NetWare


If the all-in-one and the BOOTP/DHCP server are located on different subnets, IP

configuration may fail unless the routing device supports “BOOTP Relay” (allows the transfer
of BOOTP requests between subnets).