HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Server-based, AutoIP, and manual TCP/IP configuration

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Server-based, AutoIP, and manual TCP/IP configuration

When in a factory-default state and powered on, the all-in-one will first try to obtain its TCP/IP
configuration using a server-based method, such as BOOTP or DHCP. If the server-based method
fails, the all-in-one will then be configured using the AutoIP protocol. The all-in-one may also be
configured manually. Manual-based tools include a Web browser, the all-in-one control panel, or the
HP ToolboxFX utility. TCP/IP configuration values assigned manually will be retained when the all-in-
one is powered off/on. The all-in-one can also be reconfigured to use either server-based only
(BOOTP and/or DHCP), and/or AutoIP only, or manual configuration of TCP/IP settings at any time.