HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Default IP address configuration (AutoIP)

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Default IP address configuration (AutoIP)

A default IP address will be assigned via the AutoIP protocol if the server based methods fail. When
DHCP or BOOTP fails to obtain an IP address, the all-in-one uses a link-local addressing technique
to assign a unique IP address. Link-local addressing may be referenced as AutoIP. The IP address
assigned will be in the range of to (commonly referenced as
169.254/16), and should be valid. However, it can be further modified for your network using
supported TCP/IP configuration tools if necessary. With link-local addresses, subnetting is not used.
The subnet mask will be, and cannot be changed. Link-local addresses will not route off
the local link, and access to or from the Internet will not be available. The default gateway address
will be the same as the link-local address. If a duplicate address is sensed, the all-in-one will
automatically reassign its address, if necessary, in accordance with standard link-local addressing
methods. The IP address configured on your all-in-one may be determined by inspecting the network
configuration page for the all-in-one. Since it may take some time for the server-based protocols to
time out, the AutoIP process can be sped up by disabling the BOOTP and DHCP services on the all-
in-one. This can be done via a Web browser.


Chapter 9 Networking