HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Introduction

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The all-in-one contains an LPD (Line Printer Daemon) Server to support LPD printing. This chapter
describes how to configure the all-in-one for use with various systems that support LPD printing.
These instructions include:

LPD on UNIX Systems

Configuring BSD-based UNIX systems using LPD

Configuring print queues using the SAM utility (HP-UX systems)

LPD on Windows NT/2000 systems


For other systems not listed, refer to your operating system documentation and online


Recent versions of Novell NetWare (NetWare 5.x with NDPS 2.1 or greater) support LPD
printing. For setup instructions and support, refer to the documentation supplied with
NetWare. Also, refer to the Technical Information Documentation (TID) on Novell’s support
Web site.


Configuring for LPD printing