HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - HP ToolboxFX

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HP ToolboxFX

HP ToolboxFX is a Web-based program that you can use to complete the following tasks:

Check the all-in-one status.

Configure the all-in-one settings.

View troubleshooting information.

View online documentation.

You can view HP ToolboxFX when the all-in-one is directly connected to your computer or when it is
connected to the network. You must perform a typical software installation to use HP ToolboxFX.


HP ToolboxFX is not supported for Windows 98 SE or Macintosh operating systems.

To use HP ToolboxFX, you must have TCP/IP protocol installed on your computer.


You do not have to have Internet access to open and use HP ToolboxFX.