HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Embedded Web server

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Embedded Web server

This all-in-one is equipped with an embedded Web server (EWS), which provides access to
information about all-in-one and network activities. A Web server provides an environment in which
web programs may run, much in the same way that an operating system, such as Windows, provides
an environment for programs to run on your computer. The output from these programs can then be
displayed by a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, or Netscape Navigator.

An “embedded” Web server resides on a hardware device (such as an all-in-one) or in firmware,
rather than as software that is loaded on a network server.

The advantage of an EWS is that it provides an interface to the all-in-one that anyone with a network-
connected all-in-one and computer can use. There is no special software to install or configure, but
you must have a supported Web browser on your computer. To gain access to the EWS, type the IP
address for the all-in-one in the address line of the browser. (To find the IP address, print a
Configuration page. For more information about printing a Configuration page, see





For Macintosh operating systems, you can use the EWS over a USB connection after

installing the Macintosh software included with the all-in-one.