HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Transparencies and labels

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Transparencies and labels

Only use transparencies and labels that are recommended for use in laser printers, such as
HP transparency film and HP LaserJet labels. See

Guidelines for using media

for more information.


Be sure to set the correct media type in the all-in-one settings. The all-in-one

adjusts the fuser temperature according to the media type setting. When printing on special
media such as transparencies or labels, this adjustment prevents the fuser from damaging the
media as it passes through the all-in-one.


Inspect the media to make sure that it is not wrinkled or curled and that it does

not have any torn edges or missing labels.


You can load multiple transparencies in the main input tray (tray 2). However, do not

load more than 75 transparencies at a time.