HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Send a fax from the all-in-one

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Send a fax from the all-in-one


Use the alphanumeric buttons on the all-in-one control panel to dial the number.

If the fax number you are calling has been assigned to a one-touch key, press that key.


If the fax number you are calling has a speed-dial entry, press

Phone Book

, use the

alphanumeric buttons to enter the speed-dial entry, and then press .


Load the document into the automatic document feeder (ADF) input tray or onto the flatbed

If you are scanning from the flatbed scanner, select YES when Send from glass? 1=Yes 2=No
appears, and then press .



Start Fax


When the last page of the fax has exited the all-in-one, you can start sending another fax, copying, or

To fax to numbers that you use regularly, you can assign a one-touch key or speed-dial entry. See

To program or edit speed-dial entries and one-touch keys


To program speed-dial entries or one-

touch keys quickly

. If you have electronic phone books available, you might be able to use them to

select recipients. Electronic phone books are generated by using third-party software programs.


Fax: How do I?