HP LaserJet 3052 All in One Printer - Using a shared telephone line

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Using a shared telephone line

If you connected the all-in-one to a telephone line that is shared between fax calls and voice calls, or
if you have one telephone line that has two telephone numbers and a ring-pattern service, you might
want to connect the following devices:

Caller-ID box

Modem: You can connect a computer modem (external or internal) to the shared line if you
want to use the shared line for e-mail or for access to the Internet, but you cannot send or
receive faxes while using the line for these purposes.

Extra telephone: You can connect a telephone to the shared line if you want to make or
answer voice calls on the shared line.

Answering machine or computer voicemail: You should connect these devices to the same
telephone jack as the all-in-one to make sure that the different devices do not interfere with one


It is possible to connect devices to another telephone jack for the same telephone line

(in another room, for example). However, the devices could interfere with faxing and with each


Connecting additional devices